Hey Cutie was a success on Kickstarter and is OUT NOW! Get it here!

We're super excited to show off Hey Cutie and get it onto everyone's tables! If you missed the Kickstarter, you can get a copy here.

You can also have a look at our trailer. It provides details about the game. And if you want even more, you can have a look at the Official Rules.

A Light-Hearted Card Game About Dating all the Cuties

Hey Cutie is a dating sim card game where players try to go on dates with their crushes while sabotaging their opponents. Build your charm, brains, and looks to woo your perfect match (or matches ;))

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Find Your Match

Down-to-earth gardeners. Rugged MMA fighters. Mysterious vampires. There's someone for everyone to love. The hard part? Getting them to love you back.

Every crush has something they're looking for, and it's your goal to satisfy those needs.

Build Your Stats

Looks. Brains. Charm. Edge.

The core challenge of the game is managing your appeal - but you can't be everything at once!

Collect Flirt cards to show your crushes you've got what they want. Use these pickup lines, gifts, and gestures to show potential lovers how great you are.

Dress for the Occasion

Put on outfits and accessories to make yourself stand out.

Trying to woo that biker? Maybe a leather jacket would suit you.
Or put a fedora on your opponent to make them undateable.

Use special powers to turn the tide in your favor. All's fair in love.